Imaginary Awakenings Part II

The second part of my Imaginary Awakenings series is really where things began to click for me. I had a pretty clear idea about what I wanted this to be with the first one, but the second one is how all that tenuous ephemera coalesced together.

Third eye felt very special to me the moment I began working on it. It was one of those moment where the whole thing seemed effortless. Perhaps because it had a lot less going on than the previous illustration or maybe because it had a much more solid and tangible concept. For whatever reason it just worked.

Conceptually it shares a same thematic thread as the first part of the series. The idea of the singularity or the melding of technology with human consciousness. It's an idea that presents us with many, many dangerous and potentially problematic scenarios, but it also presents with a window into a new reality which was what I wanted to get across with this illustration.

This new frontier of human ingenuity has allowed the character in this piece to open up his third eye and see into an unseen realm that is beyond human comprehension. But like all many great joys and life, this comes at a price. This being of mental energy merged with technology has access to an unseen, unimaginable world but at the cost of all that he once was and it left as only a mind in deep, black darkness, dreaming an unrealized dream.